Cool Pepper Page 01 “Cool Pepper Page”

  I am odd being on thinking everything. “Hot spice” was a song title of “Rebecca” as Japanese pop music group. “Hot pepper” may be used as a shop name or a magazine name and so on. Well, is “Cool pepper”? It may be absent name. Good! A set of my cool stories will have this one as a symbol name. Since, in my home page, there are many paper-like pages, but they are difficult to read. So I want easy page to read. To see, there is a branch page of “Mind Polyhedra”, where a picture, a poem, a short story, an essay are live. But these pages come from several results of my daydreams and nightmares. Surely I am odd tree man on black moon. However, I am aware I am not in sleep. So I will try to note my sure events on my thinking cloud drifting from odd memory chips as sure as possible with a heart of cool pepper. This is not a paper but a pepper calling a sneeze of cool viewpoint as calm as possible. But I want have free page of none color, perhaps cool pepper means nonsense or none power, oh, it may be suitable meaning. As I write something, as it paints some color on this page, however, a mixing of several colors of light changes to none color light. But a mixing of several colors of paint changes to the base of black moon. Either light or paint draws something and it soon disappears in the ground of our world. It is all right. Above thinking cloud may come from my cosmic half being out of my aware consciousness. (2008.12.10)

 Oh, I notice! When research a word, I might have input “cool papper” as “cool pepper” which I thought. So it is natural that this is absent name. Once I research again, “cool pepper” is used as a spice shop or as a band group. What do I think? They are in far countries, and different field, but I am doubtful.

  Aha, the answer may be not “Cool pepper” but “Cool pepper page”. (2008.12.11)


 あっと思って気がついた。単語を調べるとき、cool pepper と思って、cool papper を打ちこんでいたようだ。これでは、未使用なのも当然だ。改めて調べ直してみると、スパイス店と歌のグループ名として使われている。どうしようか。ずうっと遠くの国のことだし、分野も異なるし、迷ってしまう。

ああ、cool pepper ではなくて、cool pepper page にすればよいかもしれない。(2008.12.11)