Once I see a blog of an entertainer, sometimes I feel it is sent for me. This may be an attraction. It is as like as virtual love. That may be a sort of energy on entertainment. Man and woman, or love and pride. Ah, there were several dramas in past. Being full of such energy, and being in trouble, someone may create something.      


Well once I see a blog of an idol who was famous in past a little when she published several photo books and appeared in a TV commercial, and she writes “I graduate from this blog”. She may appear in several films, but she plays as not important casts. She may be on a down slope. If she has any talent, she may think so, too, where she keeps on an entertainment activity during several years since she graduated from high school, after all may she be able not to finish going up the stairs? It is a difficult thing. It is not own thing, but I feel lonely with any reason. Therefore it is an idea of my own side, as others, I cannot know what is good for her and what is bad for her. Everyone may not be able to keep on doing same thing.    

タバスコキメラミームの29から36までのページのうち、英語に翻訳するのが残っていた、34の翻訳の推敲を終えて、ページとして構成した。2008.12.08に気づいたのだが、”Lorentz illusion”で検索してみると、(グーグルの)ウェブ全体で1位になっている。ページとしては、「黒月樹人 ホームページ」である。他のページがアルファベットであるのに対して、これだけが日本語の表記なので、ランキングの1位ではなく、欄外の説明文のようにも見える。他にも、ランク10の中に入る組み合わせが幾つかある。”d’Alembertian””Einstein”を加えて、”error””wrong””illusion”の代わりに使ってもよい。しかし、最もシンプルなのは、”Lorentz illusion”だろう。これは、ずうっと1位だった。何時まで続くだろうか。でも、次のネタは見つからない。

Within from Tabasco chimera meam 29 to 36, I finished to correct the translation of 34 and constructed as a page for it. I noticed at 8 December 2008, once I search by “Lorentz illusion”, it appears as first ranking in whole web (of Google). As a page, it is “黒月樹人 ホームページ”(KINOHITO KULOTSUKI home page). Contrary to other pages are written by alphabets, only this is written by Japanese characters, so it seems not first ranking but explaining sentences in outer page. There are other combinations which are ranked within 10. One may add “d’Alembertian” ”Einstein” to “Lorentz”, and substitute “error” or “wrong” for “illusion”. But the simplest may be “Lorentz illusion”. This always kept rank 1. Until when will it keep? But I cannot find next topics.


I have been asking conclusive proof of which Einstein Special Relativity is wrong, with spending several months. I found some logical errors, however, only which may not be able to affect public opinion. For, there are some experiments which have inspected the prophecies of Special Relativity in after physical history. But, all of them were not right, in recent, it has appeared that some results of these experiments were created by fabricated data. I am not in a situation which I would do again an experiment of other inspecting one to test it. What I can do is only what I research a document and consider it again in detail. I seem that the analysis process about it is as like as the unraveling of a mystery novel. I had lost my way, I had noticed and I wonder in my way, then I have focused my consideration on a target little by little.


First target peak may be what I found an error lurking in the d’Alembertian method for deriving the formulae of the Lorentz transformations. So what Einstein Special Relativity also derives same formulae of the Lorentz transformations by other method may be doubtful clearly, so I can find the contradictions lurking in this. This means that I would enter inside of Troy, once I noticed it, they were very simple contradictions. In past, skillful trick and a word trap merely make these contradictions lurk. But doubtful results of the experiments created in after physical history are treated as some proofs, so, in spite of natural contradictions which explain the logic is not able to exist, the contradictions are ignored. I had made these findings be as the papers with suitable format by English for submitting more trusted journals along scientific appreciating system until now, and I had submitted them at several times, but almost, they are rejected by simple E-mail answers.


For only one, an editor had advised that “we are unable to warrant publication” and “your findings may well prove … about such questions” so “the paper would find a more suitable outlet in a specialist journal” and “I hope that you will rapidly receive a more favorable response elsewhere”. It is unclear whether the paper is on assessment in other journal or not (the answer is in Cool Pepper Page 03). If the journal would admit its content, then the Lorentz transformations should not exist, and after all, it should affect Einstein Special Relativity. Thinking such as, this is great problem. But if we would think as simple, merely there is a contradiction in d’Alembertian method, which should be meaningless.


There are several another methods deriving the formulae of the Lorentz transformations. But I also have found some contradictions in almost these methods. I have not constructed mathematical strong proof, however, I notice an essential contradiction of the Lorentz transformations must be in what one cannot treat a location coordinate x and a time coordinate t, used in where ,as independent variables. Therefore several derived contradictions appear, and I think that I can deduce these contradictions mathematically by simple deformation of the formulae.


But few people may accept by only that. By more strong proof, I should make people not object. While I face my reality which if I would not find a job then I might be in dangerous life. If I would lose my daily bread and my home, it should have no meaning that a more favorable response or a ranking of a page. (2008.12.12)