Cool Pepper Page 04 gANTI-GRAVITYh

  @I am reading two books about anti-gravity by Hideo Hayasaka. First book (Japanese) has a title of gFifth force in universe anti-gravity exists as one thoughth (1998), second book has a title of gA project constructing star shiph (2007). Each book has two parts respectively. Each first part starts from right toward left until some middle page by vertical writing of Japanese sentences on talking between Hayasaka and an interviewer, and second part starts from left toward right until same middle page by horizontal writing of Japanese sentences and several formulae as a long paper by Hayasaka, and a tail of second part is a list of references from (1) to (89) in where the references on UFO are includes, and other list on the vacuum energy as the free-energy, the Zero-Point Energy, the universal energy or unknown energy field. It is a wonderful to know. Maybe, the concept of anti-gravity is near these phenomena as above. Well second parts of two books equal each other perfectly until last list of the vacuum energy. Hayasaka may try to construct a system of flying mechanism by anti-gravity. In past, he had found the experimental proof of anti-gravity existing in our world by using auto rotating gyro top. Seeing the result graph, contrary to left rotation gyro tops remaining its weight, right rotation gyro tops become as light as the frequency of their rotations increasing, where heavy gyro top has bigger rate of becoming light than light gyro top. Surely, it is clearly natural and it is new finding. Nature makes such secret lurk! This phenomenon does not mean firth force but means forth force as unknown aspect of whole gravity, so Newton gravity equation and Einstein field equation in General Relativity may explain only half aspect of universal whole gravity. What does an equation of whole gravity law exit? Hayasaka explains a little about a hint of such equation relating to mathematical topology theorem and an episode on Mobius circuit, the flame-jet generator of B-2 plain as stealth, and so on, but which I can hardly read to understand yet. I want to understand such theorem and the law about anti-gravity and so on by having cool pepper mind. (2008.12.11)