By Tree man (on) BLACK MOON (Kinohito KULOTSUKI)


@ I will adapt a picture analysis method explained in Cool Pepper Page 13 for a picture introduced as gMars being newsh (CNET Japan) [1] at 24 January 2008. Figure 1 is original news picture. I call this A. I picked up each analysis area of red, blue and green windows shown by figure 2, and analyzed these pictures.

Figure 1 Original news picture A

Figure 2 Analysis areas

Figure 3 Original picture B of red window

Figure 4 Operated picture for B (After color change)

Figure 5 Original picture C of blue window

Figure 6 Operated picture for C (After color change)

Figure 7 Original picture D
of green window

Figure 8 Operated picture of D
(Before color change)

Figure 9 Operated picture of D
(After color change)

  @Each original picture has red brown tone, maybe, which adjusted by NASA. But, each changed color may not be correct. I changed the colors to judge these images. There are artificial colors. But this operation makes me understand a stage situation on original news picture A of figure 1. There are rocky slope as a terrace and rocky desert as a floor placed lower beyond a border as a cliff. Figure 4 show that a tone of rocky desert inclines to be pink than a tone of rocky slope. Figure 6 displays widely the background for this rocky desert. Well I will consider a picture of green window, called as Mars being or seen as a pose of The Little Mermaid.

  @We can see that dark area seen as a head in figure 1 has less three-dimensional gradation than a statue of an area from right shoulder to right thigh via right body. And a tone of an area seen as the end part of the elbow, according to figure 9 (After color change), is nearer pink than blue. Above shows that dark area of a head, front part from right elbow and half left body is a shadow on rocky desert as a floor. Real body creating this shadow may be a rock seen as right shoulder, side, waist and thigh, being on an edge of the terrace or on the slope to the floor. It has a shape as a part, like as red blood cell disk having central hollow, riding on a part like as a boot. A shadow of the boot may correspond to the end part of right elbow. Since this is a shadow, this has a possibility to change by time passing. When one sees such picture, one may think the arm moving. I guess that the shape of the shadow do not correspond to the shape of real body perfectly because the surface of rocky desert is rugged. I see that the top of the boot separates from the base of the terrace. But rocky shape of both big red blood cell and the boot makes me feel odd to see it as natural rock, so I think it as mysterious object. (2009.01.18)