Cool Pepper Page 21 gAURORA OVER SATURNh
By Tree man (on) BLACK MOON (Kinohito KULOTSUKI)

  There are two pictures of aurora appearing over the north pole of Saturn. They may be reconstructed from the infrared light pictures shot by Cassini spacecraft of NASA [1]. They are figure 1 and figure 2. I copied figure 1 few days ago before on figure 2. They may seem as same pictures. But, once one would make them be bigger, one might see the difference between them.

Figure 1 Aurora over Saturn (A)

Figure 2 Aurora over Saturn (B)

  I cut each North Pole part of figure 1 and figure 2, and make them be bigger as figure 3 and figure 4. The difference is clear. There are pixel losses in figure 3. This is a single black square as a set of three pixels. Well, this black square is not seen in figure 4 as B series copied today (2008.01.26). I can think hardly that such event comes from some operation mistake. What was shot here?

Figure 3 North Pole part on Saturn (A)

Figure 4 North Pole part on Saturn (B)

@Well, on this North Pole part, a hexagon structure was observed, so it blooms on web sites. It means big dark hexagon area in figure 3 or figure 4. I felt to know what real images should exist beyond the bitmap pictures, so I researched these pictures by an image analysis program of mine. The results are figure 5 and figure 6.

Figure 5 Analysis image of
 North Pole part on Saturn (A)

Figure 6 Analysis image of
 North Pole part on Saturn (B)

  According to see with ignoring three pixels loss part, this center part is seemed as sticking out a little, it may be a hexagon nut. If it were so, wonderfully bigger object it is! It has a big size at North Pole of Saturn having 9.44 times diameter to Earthfs one, as one can see from the space.  

  I researched other images of Saturn, but these pictures had have most large resolution. Do NASA have more large resolution image than these pictures? Maybe, NASA has. If it were true, they should have to know what Saturn is. (2008.01.26)

[1] NASA, PIA11396: Saturn's Polar Aurora, Original Caption Released with Image