CPP110 What are Gathering on Rings around Saturn
崟寧庽恖(Kinohito KULOTSUKI, treeman9621.com)
CPP110 乬What are Gathering on Rings around Saturn乭

I set several analysis areas on Composition Differences within Saturn's Rings[1] as Fig.1, and researched these areas by Magical Filters of KULOTSUKI ANALYSIS INSTITUTION. These examples are on Fig.2. Where, each area group number start from area code (as F[8], B[2], C[3], A[3]) to the edge in the picture.

There are odd beings or objects on the rings around Saturn. Then, I analyzed right under small area by other Magical Filter, and got Fig.3.  To see this image, I seem what gather on the ring have their head parts.

Comparing Fig.4 to Fig.5, it seems that several light beings or objects line up along the ring around Saturn. Where, the image of Fig.4 shows several dark beings or objects in dark area of Fig.5. So, broad ring is composed by these light and dark things with head-like part. According to Fig.1, how many beings are on the ring area?

Well, please look space areas in Fig.1. I set some areas about outer space about Saturn. Fig.6 shows what shine in outer space. The light things are not stars. Oh, they can fly in outer space.

(2009.06.19 Written by Kinohito KULOTSUKI )Appendix
[1] PIA01486 (by Voyager 2) http://pds-rings.seti.org/saturn/vgr2_iss/PIA01486.jpg