CPP112 We can see Space Matter by WORD soft
崟寧庽恖(Kinohito KULOTSUKI, treeman9621.com)
CPP112 乬We can see Space Matter by WORD soft乭

  I make secret technique be open. We can see the space matter (or the dark matter) by WORD soft, too. WORD has Magical Scope System & a part of Magical Filter Systems.

  Fig.1 shows the sample images taken by a digital camera at day time in dark mode. These hands are mine. Short fingers are my character.

  Let R image printed on WORDs imaginary paper and enlarged, and get Fig.2 . Where, WORD (00, 00) means that the bright value is 00[%] and the contrast value is 00[%]. Well, let these values move to 82[%] and 91[%], then we can get Fig.2 image. There are several colored horizontal stripe patterns. I am not a space alien. These stripe patterns are sorts of the space matters.

  We can get Fig.3 images & Fig.4 images by above technique. Fig.3 shows the space matters in the sky. These space matters are like the dark matter in outer void space. If we would take a picture of night sky and would do above operation on it, then we could see the dark matters.

  We can see the space matters existed between camera and hand by Fig.4 . And we may be able to see an aura around these fingers in the background of the space matters same as Fig.3 .

  I have made several Magical Filters soft to see the space matter or the dark matter and so on. Well, WORD soft has almost same ability to see these mysterious matters. Please use WORD instead of Magical Filters to see unknown object in our near and outer spaces.

(2009.06.21 Written by Kinohito KULOTSUKI )