CPP142 宇宙から見た星も変化の兆しを表わしている
CPP142 Star Signs of Transformations seen at Outer Space
黒月樹人(Kinohito KULOTSUKI), http://www.treeman9621.com/
CPP142 宇宙から見た星も変化の兆しを表わしている
CPP142 Star Signs of Transformations seen at Outer Space

On CPP141, I showed that the stars observed with a digital camera from the ground transform rapidly and violently. However, on the pictures in this case, the following two points are considered as problems.
@ “Shake hands on taking a picture with a digital camera might have been affected.
A “Fluctuation of Earth atmosphere might have been affected.

  I took the pictures with a digital camera in hand as classic pose which I looked through the viewfinder, on the pictures by the natural light mode before by infrared mode, in CPP141. Since I might take the pictures by infrared mode, I had taken the pictures with the camera fixed by the support using the vase-shaped object on the railing of the bridge. There are not very long shaped image on the pictures taken by such way. However, these images might not be seen as a sphere. Well I have a question whether simple movement by the shake hands might make such complex transformations happen or not. And, the pattern as like the dark matters or the space matters have perfectly sharp image behind the stars. I have an idea that I would take a picture of the star with a tripod once again on the case of question @.

  The theory has been insisted since long past which theory is that the star twinkles by a fluctuation of an atmosphere on the Earth. There surely may be the fluctuation of the atmosphere on the Earth. But what is such kind should have large change on the scale. The pictures obtained in CPP141 have violent change in detail. In particular, this is clear owing to the research on Light Core pictures. We might think what the stars were not seen as perfect circle because the fluctuation of the atmosphere on the Earth would affect, until now. Where, the images of the stars were what would shine as fuzzy like as out of focus. The way to research the border of what shines might not exist. And, what called as Light Core mode to research the strongest light might not been thought until now.

There is a way to make sure this thing, which way is what we compare CPP141 images to the images taken like as same way on high mountain where it is few thickness of the air layer. If so, or better yet, we would research the star images by Hubble Space Telescope in out of Earth atmosphere, then we might find the thing like as clue. On this page, I will explain what are clear by this way.  



 @ デジタルカメラを持って撮影するときの、「手ぶれ」が影響しているのではないか。

 A 地球大気の「ゆらぎ」が影響しているのではないか。




1と図2 は、ハッブル宇宙天文台による星間画像[1]において、赤く光る星と、青く光る星とを、それぞれ指定したものです。配列の数字は、記号から画像の中へと数えます。

3 は、A1の赤い星を、ゴブリンアイ装備クッキリンoz907で解析したものです。図4は、 図3A1画像を、ホーン解析プログラムhorn24で、さらに解析したものです。

Figure 1 and Figure 2 are what we designate the stars shining red and the stars shining blue respectively on interstellar space image by Hubble Space Telescope [1]. Sequence numbers are to count from the code symbol as A[4] and so on to where in the picture. Figure 3 is what we analyze red star A1 by oz907 as Goblin Eye. Figure 4 is what we analyze A1 image in Figure 3 more by horn24 as Horn Analysis Program.



We did the Goblin Eye process in Figure 3, and in Figure 4, we make what the color run disappear by horn24 with more specialized Goblin Eye function, so we get new image where the borderline of the star is clearly sharp.  



The shape of this red A1 star is a triangle. Not a circle or a sphere. Well what shine red like as flame does not come from the star but is apart and surround. Are those things flame, indeed? And, what exists in the center core of this red star, oh, what is blue as shining as an opal. We can see it as a stone like as big blue opal. Really it might be like as a stone? It might not be a mass of gas at least. If it would be gas, then it should be round.


I4 in Figure 5 and Figure 6 also are the analyzed images of the star with blue-green rim against like as red flame. As a model of stars like this, there is a spheroid model, but this one cannot explain the form of I4. The color pattern of what forms center core of I4 resembles a color pattern of shining blue star showed after. Center core of the star and what shines as flame in outer part may be independent perfectly. Of course, there is a point of view to consider that those are in one set. It seems that enough information is not gathered to judge whether what is right or what is wrong. We need observe more cases. 


 J2 star pictured in Figure 7 and in Figure 8 seems to try moving now. It seems like as one of some bacteria existing on the Earth tries to stretch its head or its tentacle. Since A1 and J1 in ure 1 draw cross patterns as light leakage by CCD camera, so we can know that this picture was taken during some time. Although, if there were a star moving continuously during this time, then there were a possibility that the shape of the movement would record as Figure 7 and Figure 8. There are other samples of the star images showing the sigh of the transformation such as. 


When I researched about Figure 2 indicating blue shining star, I noticed that there are two patterns in those blue stars. One of the patterns is what exists in Figure 9 and Figure 10. It is easy to understand when we judge by the mode in Figure 10, the pattern is the case that there is round center core like as an egg covered by something like blue cushion. It seems that an egg sits in blue nest. This star center core like as an egg looks water color, so we can see that it differs from something like as back blue nest or flame.


Another pattern in blue stars is what is showed in Figure 11 and Figure 12. Please compare Figure 12 to above Figure 10. Something like blue cushion is not seen in Figure 12. Something as center core shines more strongly than in Figure 10, and has water color with yellow- greenish rim. Such color pattern is same as center core in red star. We can understand that the idea until now is not right which the temperature of the being in the center determines the color of the star. Although center beings of red star and blue star have almost same color, outer beings like as flame around them divide clearly into red and blue.


It seems that the blue stars not always have to be quiet. It is many what appears to be changing. There seems that center core star like as a larva appears from center core like as an egg. Please look Figure 13 and Figure 14. What has water color as center core do not stay round merely. It has a shape like as an amoeba or a slug. There are many other images showing the situation of transformation such as what makes its head appear from the egg. The stars generally have odd shapes such as.


Figure 15 and Figure 16 are what are second color pattern in blue stars and appear strange shapes. This color pattern seems like as a bird. Of course, it may occur accidentally, it seems that a head and a tail are shaped. I have strong interest how this star will go on to transform. When I research the cosmos images, it may happen that the patterns like as a worm or an animal with the scale as they never occur. They have nebula condition and stay as far as several light years, so they are violently huge. What have a shape like as a worm, a bird, or a beast with large size in where there are many sun systems exists. It is like as this cosmos is full of the life of every size.


The stars indicated in Figure 1 and Figure 2 do not equal above only. But there are so many data, now, I explain only few topics. If I would research the Light Core of those stars, then even stranger topic might appear. Unfortunately, on the images of NASA, I use only what are open. If I would add the planning to photo such images, then I would want to suggest that we should examine the images taken continuously.


If what I tested in CPP141 were right, the stars should transform quickly and violently. The image by NASA in this page is an average image during some length of time. Although such image is not enough, if we would use the image about same star per some seconds, per some hours, or per some days, then the answers about more mysteries should be clear.



If possible, please some Astronomical Observatory would run my idea. Maybe, not so good telescope, any one could get much information than what my moving mirror (lens) as HANDYCAM could get.


The lack in astronomy until now was not a telescope with large lens or mirror for huge cost but new know-how. Much unknown information sleeps in the star image as out of focus taken until now. Many mysteries hide in the cosmos. The cosmos image seemed as what we know is wrong. Although we have the best equipments, we had seen almost anything by them.  


(2009.09.16 Written by Kinohito KULOTSUKI )


[1] http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/hubble/multimedia/ero/index.html