CPP181 Aura & Ka Body of Japanese Cedar Leaf
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CPP181 Aura & Ka Body of Japanese Cedar Leaf

  I analyzed the Ka body of the plant on CPP179. Where, I knew that the Ka body of the Japanese cypress as a conifer appeared strongly more than one of a broad-leaved tree. Now I will analyze about a Japanese cedar.

Fig.1 Image A of a Japanese cedar leaf called on by Goblin Chimera goch
(This Fig.1 is on English mode, but since Fig.2 are on Japanese mode)

  I put a Japanese cedar leaf on the glass surface of a scanner, and get the image by 600 dpi and BMP mode, so let a cut image by PAINT soft as 乬Image A乭.

  Fig.1 means what set the image A to Goblin Chimera goch [1] as an image analysis program. We can do after analyses by Goblin Quark 2 gqu [2]. And we can see next Fig.2 and the Gamon Graph showed after by Goblin Oz [3].

  Owing to see Fig.1, I know that something mysterious event happen. Near Japanese cedar leaf is sharp but deep leaf is out of pint which is near on white surface of the scanner cover. Where, does the scanner have such ability? It is odd that such difference against a distance of mere 1 cm. There is a dust on the back white surface, so the dust is sharp image. Therefore, we can understand there is something like as fog absorbing light around the Japanese cedar leaf. Well, this is not fog but it attaches at these Japanese cedar leaf, and we can show that by doing an experiment on other position. It may be thin material so there is a situation like as an agar body around a frog egg rather than one of fog around it.

  Fig.2 is an image on Light Core Analysis. Where, I select a color range from 80 to 200, and redraw it to full range from 0 to 255. There, we can see a situation of something corresponding to an agar of a flog egg, where, it cover on the Japanese cedar with small density.  I cannot understand there is light and dark pattern as vertical stripe. Where, the light origin of the scanner had moved from upper to down on this image.

Fig.2 Light Core 80_200 analysis on the Image A of the Japanese cedar

  Fig.3 is what does Contour Analysis on original Image A of Fig.1. Where, I set the object light and dark range as from 80 to 200 and step value as 2. Fat wave pattern may come from subtle rugged cover back surface. There is large density contour area around the Japanese cedar. Where, the contour color set as light yellow at dark part on small light and dark value, and as dark yellow at light part on large one. We can see the Japanese cedar as gold owing to this contour color system.

Fig.3 Contour 80_200 Analysis on Image A of the Japanese cedar leaf

Fig.4 Contour 96_184 Step 4 Analysis on Image A of the Japanese cedar leaf

I did Contour Analysis with light and dark range from 96 to 184 by step 4 on Fig.4. I might have cut over a little, well there is high density contour zone around the leaf being out of pint.

Fig.5 Add 80_240 Analysis on Image A of the Japanese cedar leaf by matt mode with new 1C color set

  乬Add乭 on Fig.5 is an analysis mode extended on contour function. What is set at first, 7 nod colors set, at second, these are set on light and dark analysis range, at third, natural gradation colors are added on the interval light and dark variation with converging to both nod colors. New 1 C color set was set newly on Pallet page, where, its upper part corresponds to smaller part on light and dark value, and its downer part corresponds to bigger one.  Owing to see Fig.5, we can know that a range of blue green red gray spread with corresponding to the shape of this leaf as like as a clothes covering the Japanese cedar leaf. And we can know that water color area spreads as like as it covers these Japanese cedar leaf widely on Add Analysis where was cut on Contour Analysis.

  Texts of religion and occult science say that there is something having smaller density and affecting to light around the material subject. And they say that there is subtle body called as 乬Ka body乭 or 乬Plana body乭 in little larger area than one of the material body, and there is 乬Aura乭 covering them [4]. Owing to these explanations, water colored something in Fig.5 seems corresponding to such Aura. A part of 乬blue green乭 on 乬blue green red gray乭 seems drawing material body of the Japanese cedar leaf. And other part of 乬red gray乭 corresponds to a part seeming in where nothing exist.

  Next Fig.6 is what did contour analysis on the Add Analysis Image in fig.5. This is a contour pattern of 乬limit area乭, well if we would use 乬SCAN乭 mode, then we could draw single contour one by one. That is to say that we could research light and dark border value on 乬material body of the Japanese cedarKa bodyAurabackground surface乭. I had checked this on original Image A in Fig.1, and I got a result of 乬material body of the Japanese cedar90Ka body170Aura190background surface乭. On this analysis, there is something unknown between 90 and 190 of light and dark value. It spreads widely to my surprise.

Fig. 6 Add 80_240 Analysis on Image A of the Japanese cedar leaf by matt mode with new 1C color set
(+) Contour Analysis by 80_240 step16

  I know there is unknown matter in the area seemed as 乬space乭 around the Japanese cedar leaf on modern science, where, it may correspond to what called as 乬Ka body乭 or 乬Aura乭. I will research other information by other view.

  What analyze since next Fig.7 are the analyses by 乬Gamon乭 page which set in Goblin Chimera, Goblin Quark 2 and Goblin Oz. On Fig.7, I analyzed how to use the colors about whole original Image by Gamon Graph (left) and Color Distributions (middle & right). Owing to see the pattern of 乬all color乭 being under right, I can see there are three populations mixing with different base color pattern. The first is the distribution like as natural mountains of red, green & blue which are in the darkest position. This comes from material body of the Japanese cedar leaf.

Fig.7 Gamon Analysis on whole original Image

Fig.8 Main pattern change points on all color in under right of Fig.7

I draw what is analyzed about main pattern change points on this 乬all color乭 as Fig.8. Owing to above analysis, the result is 乬material body of the Japanese cedar leaf90Ka body170Aura190background surface乭. Where, the pattern of 102137182 may correspond to 乬Ka body乭. The distribution of 182203 seems as small version to other distribution of 203234, and former is independent from later. The pattern of 182 203 may correspond to 乬Aura乭. The distribution of 203234 seems to come from the light reflecting at background cover surface.

  I will analyze about these distribution by after Fig.9 Fig.12.

Fig.9 Gamon Analysis on background cover surface in original Image A

Fig.10 Gamon Analysis on material body of the Japanese cedar leaf in original Image A

Fig.11 Gamon Analysis on Ka body (seemed) in original Image A

Fig.12 Gamon Analysis on Aura (seemed) in original Image A

Fig.9 is just the analysis on background cover surface. Very sharp distribution pattern appears in each color & all color.

  Fig.10 is the analysis on what seemed as almost material body of the Japanese cedar leaf. But it has a possibility that there are Ka body & Aura in the side front the material body, so it may not pure analysis of material body. Where, main characteristic is that red distribution shifts right and corresponds to reddish color.

  On Fig.11, there are few thin blue, green & red distributions separating each other as the characteristic of material body pattern in dark position, but there are big & wide distribution of 3 colors few separating in middle position of the distribution graph. This tall distribution pattern seems separated right and left 2 distributions roughly. It may be corresponding phenomena to stripe pattern seen in the area enlarged mosaic image of Fig.11 upper right.

  Fig.12 is what is analyzed on where is apart a little from the Japanese cedar leaf. It differs from the patterns of Fig.9 & Fig.11. The distribution of Fig.12 has strong peak and short smooth distribution from the peak to darker position. It seems to add little change against the distribution of sharp peak on background surface. This may be corresponding part to 乬Aura乭.


  The life body as the plant may be not only constructed by material body but also 乬Ka body乭 and 乬Aura乭 called in the fields of ancient religion or comparatively recent occult science. This is able to be clear by analyzing just simple digital photo images. First, it is clear that there is something absorbing light because little far image is out of pint, where, the distance is just small, on raw image corresponding to the view of the naked eye. Light Core Analysis makes it be clearer. Both Contour Analysis and Add Analysis being able to analyze fine gradational information of light can make us see the border of something not be seen hardly in the space. And Gamon Analysis can analyze these different space conditions on fixed quality and fixed quantity by Gamon Graph and Color Distributions (each, light and dark & all).

  What has come from the judgment whether believe or not believe as the knowledge of religion or occult science before now becomes to be judged by just scientific method like as here. This seems to have huge meaning. It is foolish that all of religion, occult science & pure (or common) science are exclusive each other. They should exchange each knowledge and method, and should make what seems vague be clear.

(2010.03.02 Written by Kinohito KULOTSUKI )


[1] Goblin Chimera goch


[2] Goblin Quark 2 gqu (You may buy this program by only Yen. Please contact vector.co.jp)


[3] Goblin Oz goz


[4] THE HATHOR MATERIAL, Message from an Ascended Civilization by Tom Kenyon and Virginia Essene, Copyright (c) 1996 Charles Thomas Kenyon