Double Solenoid of Shinichi SEIKE may be No Instruction Winding Coil

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PDF Double Solenoid of Shinichi SEIKE may be No Instruction Winding Coil


@Two articles of Shinichi SEIKE

@An overseas acquaintance found the next documents and informed them.
@@@[1] “ú–{G‚`‚oƒjƒ…[ƒYƒŒƒ^[@No.37, ‚P‚X‚U‚X”Niº˜a‚S‚S”Nj@‚PŒŽ‚P‚O“ú
@@@@@—ÊŽq—¬‘̉F’ˆ‘D(Quantum Liquid Spaceship)„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ´‰Æ@Vˆê 32
@@@[2] G‚`‚oƒjƒ…[ƒYƒŒƒ^[@No.67, ‚P‚X‚V‚X”Niº˜a‚T‚S”Nj@‚VŒŽ‚R‚O“ú
@@@@@‰~”Ղ̐„i—Í(Disk Driving Force)@@´‰ÆVˆê„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ 14
@They are at 1969 and 1979.
@Quantum Liquid Spaceship [1] was an article form, and numerical formulae were written closely.
@There are two lines of g˜1 introductionh, and it is stated that "I will formulate the spaceship over light velocity which makes a probability cloud be an energy source, due to the field of Ultra Relativity". Mysterious words range suddenly. Because Ultra Relativity is famous as a book of Shinichi SEIKE, I can guess it, but what on earth will "the probability cloud" be? Because it is before when the terms of "vacuum energy" and "dark energy" begin to appear, it may cope with these terms.
@g˜2 Control of the quantum electrodynamics on the state 4 momentum and the Boltzmann statistical control on ƒtƒFƒƒNƒXƒvƒŒ[ƒi(?) and the barium titanateh and g˜3 Super dynamics on super planeh are put together by a difficult numerical formulae and terms, and continue, then "the numerical formula representing the thrust" is led.
@On "the shortest navigation to adjacent planets", the navigation time to Mars is calculated using "the numerical formula representing the thrust". By the way, it is 22 minutes in the time required to Mars.
@A numerical formula is not written in Disk Driving Force [2] at all and it has only sentences, photographs and figures. This style can appear in a weekly. Probably, it would be requested by the GAP letterzine.
@By this article, a basic thinking way of Shinichi SEIKE appears darkly.

@Disk Driving Force

@There is a long "preface". An idea to explain "Disk Driving Force" is spoken here. I divide it into some elements, to make the logical development be easy to understand.

@The element ‡@ / A direction of polarity angular momentum and the plus / minus of the energy
@There are "Axiality Angular Momentum" and "Polar Angular Momentum" corresponding to the spin in the quantum mechanics.
@A direction of "Polar Angular Momentum" of this case copes plus / minus of the energy.
@When "we showed it in a vector, if it were upward, then the energy is plus, and if it were downward , then the energy is minus.

@The element ‡A / To lead an energy to negative energy in an electromagnetic field
@I use as ferrite for the center of the disk, a barium titanate as a material between the spherical condenser.
@I put three spherical condensers and triphase current together and bring about a rotary electric field. The material mentioned above in this way falls in minus energy.

@The element ‡B / Application of the mass energy formula of Einstein
@On E as energy, m as mass, c as speed of light, I use a formula of E=mc^2.
@If the material had minus energy, then the mass of the material were the minus number.

@The element ‡C / Gravity of the earth flips the disk being negative mass

@I divided "a basic principle of the antigravity promotion" expressed by Shinichi SEIKE into four elements, so I construct the flow of those combinations.
@Where will be the grounds of element ‡@? I examined it in a quantum-mechanical field, but am not yet found because it is a field not to be used to. In the first place "minus number energy" will be what kind of phenomenon. As for the energy, will not zero be smallest?@ Because a technique of element ‡A is to be concerned with electromagnetic knowledge, if a device realizing such a thing was born, then I have no word to complain. What I have a doubt, is not these processes, but "a material falls in minus number energy" as the result. On earth what kind of thing will this be?
@About element ‡B, there is a big pit. As for this formula, Einstein transformed a numerical formula in Special Relativity and arrived. However, I understood that "Lorentz Transformations" as the core of "Special Relativity" was real desk theory, as I clarified it with "PHANTOM TANSFORMATIONS" [3]. Special Relativity of Einstein has no connection with the reality world, too. Will it be that on earth "the mass energy formula" that came out of a numerical formula of the inside has what kind of grounds?
@I will forget above result. If gthe mass energy formulah were established practically, a disk / experimental disk would be exchanged to how enormous energy. Shinichi SEIKE might calculate it. On the contrary, when he would estimate the energy dealing with and converted it into mass, will it be really to the size of 2 grams?
@In the logic of element ‡C, "negative mass" becomes the problems. Such a "negative mass" exists and is really flipped by the earth and will be isolated?
@In the logic of Shinichi SEIKE, there are many places where a connection is not clear when I think in this way and I have full of questions.

@Double solenoid coil as true Kleine winding

@It is talked about a unique coil of Shinnichi SEIKE which was developed from the mysterious geometries as "ring of Moebius" and "bottle of Kleine" in the latter half of a long "preface".
@Winding of the coil with the intersection that resembled "a fence end" of the rope work was "Kleine winding".
@However, Shinichi SEIKE stated that he "gave many effects by this winding", and "but it did revelation that the winding as the double solenoid is true Kleine winding".
@Under the title of "the plus / minus of the double solenoid", he showed how to use this double solenoid coil experimentally. According to this, it is said that he tie a plus and the minus of the electric current to two edges in the one side of double solenoid coil which he display two conducting wire and wound up. I do not understand whether he can tie it to some kind of devices whether other edge is letting it loose. By the way, the effect of the electric current at this time agrees with "the no instruction winding coil" which Masao OHASHI showed in "Fluctuant science"[4].
@Masao OHASHI suggested "a no instruction winding coil" is because it brings about a material wave (scalar wave) to occur which denies an electromagnetic wave.
@From these, as for Shinichi SEIKE, it is thought that he would examine some kind of effects about gravity by bringing about scalar wave.
@The scalar wave may be considered to be a gravity wave and should be concerned with the gravitational organization deeply. While he hold what it is even if he do not understand the correct thing, he may arrive at a clue and the phenomenon that it is.
@However, Shinichi SEIKE has taken the wrong viewpoint to interpret these phenomenae.
@They had nothing to do with "Special Relativity" and seemed to be connected to "scalar wave" or "Tesla wave".

iWritten by Kinohito KULOTSUKI, Sep 4, 2011j


[1] It is January 10 (1969) for Japanese GAP letterzine No. 37, 1,969 years
“ú–{G‚`‚oƒjƒ…[ƒYƒŒƒ^[@No.37, ‚P‚X‚U‚X”Niº˜a‚S‚S”Nj@‚PŒŽ‚P‚O“ú
Quantum liquid spaceship -------------- Shinichi SEIKE 32
—ÊŽq—¬‘̉F’ˆ‘D„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ´‰Æ@Vˆê 32

[2] It is July 30 (1979) for GAP letterzine No. 67, 1,979 years
G‚`‚oƒjƒ…[ƒYƒŒƒ^[@No.67, ‚P‚X‚V‚X”Niº˜a‚T‚S”Nj@‚VŒŽ‚R‚O“ú
Driving force Shinichi SEIKE ------------- 14
‰~”Ղ̐„i—́@@´‰ÆVˆê„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ„Ÿ 14


[4] ‘å‹´³—Yu”g“®«‰ÈŠwvA‚½‚܏o”Łiº˜a63, 1988j
Masao OHASHI gFluctuant scienceh, TAMA publication (Showa 63, 1988)